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After Four Successful Campaigns and Raising Over $2 Million Dollars,
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Hey There - We're Lance & Chris

And We're Here To Help.

A few years ago we founded a product company called Gravel. 

Since then, we've created a number of different products and launched four of our own successful Kickstarter campaigns, raising over $2 million.

As you can imagine, from that success we get a lot of people asking us "what's your secret?" and "can I take you to coffee to pick your brains?"

While we love helping other creators and founders out, we realized that it would be better to put our combined knowledge into a better format - an online course.

We've taken everything we know about creating products - 

  • our own systems we use for validation
  • how to find a manufacturer
  • supply chain and shipping
  • and more...

and put it into a course that teaches you how to take the idea in your head and turn it into a real product that you can sell (and that people will want to buy!)

From there, our favorite way to launch products into the world is through crowdfunding.

We put everything we know about creating successful campaigns into a course that will help you succeed with your next product launch.

We've created, consulted, and been involved in hundreds of successful campaigns to date, and we know how to launch products.

In our second course, we teach you everything we know, using our own product launches as examples, so you get a behind the scenes look into a real company that is successfully launching products using crowdfunding. 

Whether you are just starting out with an idea, or have already put time and money into a product, we can help you get it out into the world. 

Find the course - or courses - that's right for you and enroll today.

We've Helped Other Creators Just Like You

Hear What They Have To Say:

“This course has been an incredible asset to us as we launched our Kickstarter projects. We were able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and much of that is because of what we learned from this course. It has made launching a Kickstarter a process that can be repeated again and again.”

Jay Davis | Pillow Cube

“The course was THE key to our launching a successful kickstarter!! We had no idea where to begin, but with the help of this course, we had a step by step guide to take us through the entire process. It has tons of resources, is easy to read, and is entertaining. Without it, we would have never been funded. Anybody wanting to start selling a product HAS to take this course!”

Randy & Laurel Francis | Ralalu LLC

“As a fellow Kickstarter creator, this course has really helped me when it comes to methodically building up anticipation for Kickstarter launches and obtaining a commitment from hundreds of backers ready to pre-order and pledge the moment my campaigns go live. It’s an exciting feeling to reach one’s funding goal within the duration of a Kickstarter campaign... it’s another feeling entirely when you surpass your funding goal 1000% within the first 24 hours of the campaign going live... and that, in large part, is thanks to what this course has taught me.”

Cary Decker | Kuvrd

Create A Product Course

Take The Idea In Your Head And Turn It Into A Product That Sells

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Launch A Kickstarter Course

Successfully Launch Your Next Product On Kickstarter

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Makers Academy Bundle

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For Those Wanting More Personalized Guidance, You Can Order The Two Courses With A 1-Hour Video Consultation With Either Chris Or Lance To Go Over Your Product And Launch Plans

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  • $495.00

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