I'm Andrew Maxfield

An Award-Winning Composer and Your Instructor For This Mini-Course!

I’ve loved composing choral music since I was singing in high school choir, but I’ve learned a lot about my craft in the 20 years since then.

Writing choral music isn’t just for “composers with a capital C” ... if you sing in a choir at church, school, in the community, or even professionally, chances are you’ve wanted to write or arrange something for the choir. Well, the difference between writing something that’s kind of clunky and something that totally pops rests on developing some skills and learnings a good process.

A piece of mine was a recent Special Commendation in the King’s Singers New Music Prize and another was featured at the NCCO National Convention. In this course I’ll teach you my process using these two pieces as in-depth examples, moving from choosing a text to polishing and publishing the finished product.


What You'll Learn In This Mini-Course

Everything you need to take a text and turn it into a finished composition.

  • Choosing a text for your composition

  • A framework for turning that text into a composition

  • How to publish your finished work

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