Want To Create Beautiful Flourishes?

(But just aren't sure where to begin?)

In this hour-long class, you’ll learn my method for creating beautiful flourishes in your lettering by breaking it all down into 10 easy steps.

Here's what you'll learn in this class

Everything you needs to master flourhishing

  • Where to put your flourishes

  • How to make your flourishes look cohesive

  • How to make your swashes beautiful

  • Balance, composition, and so much more

All you’ll need for this class is paper and a pencil! No fancy tools required.

The class will be primarily focused on flourishing with script lettering and calligraphy, but I’ll also talk about how to use flourishes in a wide range of flourishing styles and in different formats.

To wrap things up, I’ll be teaching you how to apply what we learn about flourishing to create your own beautifully lettered envelope, complete with some fancy flourishing.

By the end of the lesson you’ll have a better understanding of WHY flourishes work the way they work and will be able to confidently create your own flourishing works of lettering art.

Once you purchase the class you’ll have access to it forever, which means that you’ll be able to watch and rewatch the lesson as much as you like on your own schedule from home.

What Past Students Are Saying:

“Hayley teaches with so much energy and enthusiasm! She was very clear and helped me as a beginner to feel confident about my flourishing skills.”

“It was a class that was very well presented and so worth my time! I have practiced multiple times a day since the class and felt so much more confident in my lettering! I know what to look for and what makes hand-lettering such a beautiful art form!”

“The level of instruction was perfect for my level as a letterer. I have been playing at lettering for a few years but was at a loss how to get past my usual stumbling points and start to level up. The amount of detail in the lessons was inspiring and educational without being intimidating or boring. Hayley's demeanor is so encouraging and comforting; even when something might have otherwise felt daunting, in her class it seemed like no-pressure exploration and fun.”

“I just want to tell you how much I love this class. Learning all of the parts so I can go forward with confidence has been one of my dreams in lettering. I have many books but this class is just so great. Loved it!!”

Master Flourishing In This 1-Hour Workshop From Hayley Barry