Bring The Art Of Lettering Into Your Life

Learn how to use the beauty and art of hand lettering to enhance every facet of your life.

From gift giving, celebrations, hosting intimate dinners and even decorating your home, this course will open your eyes to the amazing possibilities of what hand lettering can do.

By the end you will be able to create treasures that will be cherished for a lifetime, create personalized items for moments that will be remembered and learn a new creative skill that will bring joy to your life and all those around you.

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This course is for you if...

  • You want to learn the skill of hand-lettering

  • You want to take your lettering to the next level and learn how to "letter beyond paper"

  • You want to grow your business by learning new lettering skills

Learn the perfect tools for every project

No need to search for the right tools for the job, I'll teach you the right tools for the right surface so you can easily turn your ideas into completed projects.

Letter on any surface

I'll teach you the basics of hand lettering and composition, and my process for lettering on glass, wood, chalkboard, plastic, acrylic, porcelain, textiles, and a handful of different methods to get beautiful results every time.

What Past Students Are Saying...

“Every single time I talk to Doris about art, I walk away with some magical tidbit of knowledge that I can immediately apply to my own work. Her years of experience have led her to having so many tips and tricks up her sleeve, and she is so generous with sharing them. Doris is the kind of teacher who will make you a better artist– period.”

Becca - The Happy Ever Crafter

“I've been following Doris's artistic work for a while now and have always wanted to learn how to do some of the amazing projects that she has done, specifically where she created beautiful lettering on non-papered items. I enrolled in her Lettered Luggage workshop where Doris talked about the steps for the project (from start to finish) such as the basics of lettering, composition and layout (the most interesting part for me) and how to apply this to any project. I loved that I was able to ask questions and receive tips/suggestions from her directly! I'm looking forward to learning from her again for another project! ”

Thuong Le Zhang

“I have taken numerous private lessons with Doris where we explored lettering on different mediums including chalkboard, glass and wood. Doris is one of the most creative person that I have ever met. Her mindset of possible ideas for projects are simply amazing. I have learned the industry’s best tricks and pearls to work on different surfaces, everything from the best tools for drafting and the final products. I have also learned how to do engraving from Doris. She is patient and her attention to details help me to critique my work. I have developed a much better artistic approach with all my work.”

Janet H.

“I discovered Doris thru an in-person Intro to Calligraphy class and it was the perfect step-by-step hands-on teaching experience I received. All the tools were provided, instructions were easy to follow and it made me want to continue practising when I got home. Highly recommend a class with Love Lettering. ”

Wendy R.

“Didn't realize how much I follow Love Lettering with Doris Wai. I started my lettering journey with a live intro class that showed me the art of lettering and the thinking behind each letter. From there, I experienced how to letter on luggage and also following on youtube, I've been able to pick up tips and tricks on creating other beautiful pieces. I enjoy learning from Doris as she's patient and teaches the thought process as well as the tips to develop your skill to continue lettering on your own. Plus she shares where to get all the tools and which are the best to use for your projects.”

Vijanti R.

Here's How It Works

Your path to a new lettering lifestyle!

  • Enroll In The Course

    Sign up for the course and optionally add a 1-hour mentoring session with your course instructor Doris Wai.

  • Watch On Your Time & Schedule

    Download your worksheets, grab your tools and projects, and go through the course in whatever order and pace that you like!

  • Start Lettering!

    Use your new skills to better serve your clients, create new pieces of art for yourself and your friends & family, and express yourself in entirely new artistic ways.

Here's everything the course covers:

    1. Welcome!

    2. The Lettering Lifestyle

    3. Starting From Scratch

    4. Download Your Course Worksheets

    5. Join the Lettering Lifestyle community!

    1. 1.1 - Introduction to Hand-Lettering

    2. 1.2 - Sans Serif Letters Practise

    3. 1.3 - Serif Letters Practise

    4. 1.4 - Your Downloadable Lettering Worksheets

    5. 1.5 - Script Calligraphy Practice

    6. 1.6 - The Basics of Composition

    7. 1.7 - Drawing Curves and Diagonals

    8. 1.8 - Sketching Your Compositions

    9. 1.9 - Time to Practise!

    1. 2.1 - Surfaces You'll Be Lettering On In This Course

    2. 2.2 - Cleaning, Removing Stickers, and Erasing Surfaces

    3. 2.3 - Tools of the Lettering Lifestyle

    4. Links to My Favorite Tools

    1. 3.0 - Paper Projects Intro

    2. 3.1 - "April" Name Card

    3. 3.2 - "Books" Paper Card Label

    4. 3.3 - Black Paper Name Cards

    5. 3.4 - "Emergency Kit" Paper Box

    1. 4.0 - Chalkboard Projects Intro

    2. 4.1 -"First Day Of" on Faux Chalkboard, Part 1

    3. 4.2 - "First Day Of" on Faux Chalkboard, Part 2

    4. 4.3 - "Last Day Of" on Faux Chalkboard

    5. 4.4 - "Pop the Top" Sign on Foam Core Board

    6. 4.5 - Chalkboard Prep and Sizes

    7. 4.6 - "Cool of You to Come" Sign on Chalkboard

    1. 5.0 - Wood Projects Intro

    2. 5.1 - Preparing Wood Surfaces For Lettering

    3. 5.2 - "Smith Family" Sign, Part 1

    4. 5.3 - "Smith Family" Sign, Part 2

The Lettering Lifestyle Course

  • 50 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content
  • Over 15 different lettering projects!

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Pay all at once and save, spread it out over three months, and even upgrade to a 1-hour mentoring session with the course instructor, Doris Wai!