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The Craftsman Creative Blog is the hub for new posts about finances, marketing, sales, mindset, growth, and more for creators. Learn how to get the outcomes you want for your own creative business and find the motivation and inspiration to help you get started.

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    Deep-dive chats with your favorite creators

    Each week on the podcast we chat with a creator who has deep knowledge in some aspect of the creator economy.

    These conversations help the listeners learn something new as well as get their specific questions answered, and it's a great way to discover new creators to connect with.

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    Craftsman Creative Book

    How Five-Figure Creators Can Build Six-Figure Businesses

    After years of working with creators to help them with their mindset and to understand how to grow their businesses, I decided to put everything I know into one place.

    This book will help you grow your business.

    You'll learn how to master your mindset, finances, marketing, audience building, sales, and even systems and optimization.

    The Society of Independent Creators

    A community of creators that support, teach, and invest in one another as we build six- and seven-figure creative businesses

    You don't have to do it alone...

    The Society exists to support creators on the path of building resilient, profitable creative businesses.

    Come join us to get accountability, community, education, and even investment in your creative projects.
    Craftsman Creative Community Society of Independent Creators

    Courses By Creators For Creators

    Learn how to improve your craft and your business from your favorite creators .

    Each course is produced by Craftsman Creative to deliver high-quality, high-production value course lessons and workshops. Whether you want to learn a new skill or level up your business, these courses are crafted to help creators get outcomes that dramatically impact their lives and businesses.