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Blockbuster Summary

Blockbuster Summary
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I want to leave you with a few short thoughts. Choosing the independent path means taking responsibility for the successful creation and outcomes of every part of your business, both inside and out. 

Doing so, however, is how you get your dream outcomes for your dream clients through your dream business, which leads to your dream life. 

A life that is profitable, full of freedom to live how you want and create what you want. Every so often, because of the way you built your business, you’ll experience blockbusters - products or businesses that have a massive impact compared to the resources available to them. 

The term "blockbuster" initially referred to a bomb used by the British RAF in WWII. The original was a 4,000 pound cylinder that was 88” long and about 30” wide. But the size wasn’t what made the impact, it was what was inside. How it was made. 

If you dropped a similar sized cylinder of metal - or a long rock - from 6,000 feet, it would make a large hole in the ground and maybe knock over a wall or smash through roof of a building. 

Drop the blockbuster, however, from the same height and it would literally destroy a city block, hence the name. Outsized results for its size. 

You can have similar results through your business - for you, for your employees, partners, investors, clients, customers, and your industry. You can have blockbuster-like impact on the world around you if you build your business right by following the principles and frameworks in this book. 

There's one last thing to note from what we've built through this book. Yes, we've covered a framework for building and growing creative businesses. But we've done more than that. The MOVIE framework is, itself, a "blockbuster" - it has outsized results for what it is. 

That's because it's not just a framework - it's a flywheel. 

You start with your mindset, then define your outcomes, take action through visibility and implementing systems, and create profit which leads to permission to expand your impact however you desire. When you've done all of those steps and see the results, what happens to your mindset? You see your potential, which leads to defining new, bigger outcomes, taking more massive action, and having an even greater impact.

Each new rotation of the MOVIE flywheel creates more profit and more permission the more you take responsibility for every outcome in your business and take action. As the flywheel picks up speed, you start seeing new opportunities, attracting new awareness, and having a greater impact. 

The framework isn't a "one and done" endeavor. This is how you grow your business - by growing yourself - to achieve every single big goal you want in your life, for you and for others.

I’m excited to see what you build. If this book has had an impact on you, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at daren@craftsmancreative.co and let me know the biggest breakthrough, and the MOVIE you're going to make - I read every single one.

If you've reached the end and want more, I invite you to come join us in the ​Society of Independent Creators​, where we implement the framework with monthly workshops, weekly check-ins and accountability, and a community of peers on the same journey as you.

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Ah, distribution. The final phase. Where your final, finished business comes in contact with the marketplace. Where your MOVIE becomes a BLOCKBUSTER. Notice that you can’t have a blockbuster without a release. You do have to finally put your business out there. Too many creators get stuck in endless