The Society Of Independent Creators

The membership to grow your creative business, for the 5% ready to take action.
The Society Of Independent Creators
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Independent doesn't mean alone - it simply means not dependent on anyone else for the outcomes you want in your life and business.

The Society of Independent Creators is a membership and community to support you in designing and building your dream business, what we call a "Blockbuster" business - small, but with massive impact and profits.

It exists to help you wherever you are on your journey, providing a map showing you where you are, where you're going, and how to get there.

Your membership includes a ticket to the annual BLOCKBUSTER event, monthly Society workshops to implement the MOVIE framework, monthly group coaching calls, weekly accountability, and monthly guest presentations.

Since 2022, dozens of independent creators and business owners have joined the Society to take action and build their dream businesses. Artists, authors, songwriters, musicians, coaches, consultants, internet writers, course creators, podcasters, filmmakers, and more come together in the Society to learn and implement the MOVIE framework from Craftsman Creative.

We've seen members - within a few days - land new clients worth thousands of dollars, unlock new revenue streams, create more profit by doubling the price of their offers, start new businesses, and create assets and systems that automate their business and free up their time.

Hear from some of our amazing members:

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  • lack of accountability
  • unclear about how to grow your business
  • feeling insignificant and not good enough
  • fear of failing if you try something else new
  • uncertainty around where to put your focus
  • not making enough to provide for the life you want
  • not having anyone who can help show you the path to take
  • frustrated by those you see online who have “figured it out”
  • creating alone, at home, because of the pandemic or otherwise
  • not enough time to create, relax, travel, or be with friends and family
  • no clear systems for marketing, sales, finances, audience building, or growth
  • saying yes to clients and customers you’d prefer not to work with to make enough money
  • trapped in a job that decides how much you make, when you work, who you work with, and what you work on

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When you become a member of the Society of Independent Creators, you join a group of dedicated, driven creators who are committing to show up, do the work, help and support one another, and who are on the same journey you’re on.

You’ll find the guidance, education, resources, connections, and accountability you need to succeed in every part of your business and creative life.


  • Digital copies of Craftsman Creative and BLOCKBUSTER books ($40 value)
  • Access to the members-only community on Circle ($1,295/year value)
  • Access to the library of training and education from Craftsman Creative ($895 value)
  • Monthly workshops on specific topics to help you grow your creative business, and access to the archive of all past workshops ($97/month value)
  • A complimentary pass to the annual event each year ($195/year value)
  • Early access to events, products, and opportunities
  • Weekly check-ins to connect with other members and get accountability
  • Support from the community to help you reach your revenue and audience growth goals
  • Complimentary access to any future projects released inside the community
Total Value over $3,620 per year

All of these resources are designed to give you a clearer understanding of how to grow your creative business and design the life you want for yourself.

Joining and participating in the Society of Independent Creators will help you reach your goals faster than any other community.

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Join the Society of Independent Creators

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When you sign up, you get a complimentary copy of the Craftsman Creative book, which you should read so that you understand the principles and frameworks we’ll use and support each other within the community.

Head to the community, introduce yourself, start meeting others there, and find ways that you can help.

This is a give-then-ask community.

Show up and contribute and find ways to help others reach their goals, and they’ll reciprocate when you need help as well. If all you do is ask ask ask, it doesn’t work.

Early Access Membership: $50/year (Ends April 12, 2022)

Early Access to 10k Creator Challenge + Community: $199/year

Current: December 1, 2022: $495

After 100 new members: $595

After 200 new members: $695


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