Craftsman Creative | Book

A written-in-public book project about how to grow from a five-figure creator to a six-figure business owner.
Craftsman Creative | Book
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The book is now out! Grab your copy today. Available in digital + audiobook, paperback, and hardback, choose whatever format you prefer.

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The parable of the Contractor and the Craftsman
The 30,000' view


Chapter 1 - Defining & Understanding Mindset
Chapter 2 - Taking control of your emotional states
Chapter 3 - Morning routines & priming
Chapter 4 - Success Requires Faith
Chapter 5 - You need a vision for your business
Chapter 6 - Set goals that can be achieved in the next 90 days
Chapter 7 - Take Massive Action
Chapter 8 - The three personas every business needs


Chapter 9 - Create A Minimum Viable Business
Chapter 10 - Take Your Profit First
Chapter - How to budget your business like a film producer
Chapter 11 - How much to charge for your work
Chapter 12 - Structure deals properly
Chapter 13 - Improve your profit margin
Chapter 14 - Increase the age of your money
Chapter 15 - Invest in assets that compound


Chapter 16 - 7 principles of marketing mastery for creatives
Chapter 17 - Marketing for creatives - pull, not push
Chapter 18 - Grow awareness and trust through your marketing
Chapter 19 - Identify jobs to be done
Chapter 20 - Discover the size of your minimum viable audience
Chapter 21 - Build In Public to find your audience
Chapter 22 - Create products based on your audience's needs
Chapter 23 - Create raving superfans by treating them as customers
Chapter 24 - The journey from marketing to sales


Chapter 25 - From sales funnel to sales journey
Chapter 26 - Create an irresistible, no-brainer offer
Chapter 27 - The sales ladder
Chapter 28- Create more value than anyone else
Chapter 29 - Maximize lifetime value by creating happy customers
Chapter 30 - Sell to your audience directly at first


Chapter 31 - Systems thinking for creatives
Chapter 32 - Theory of Constraints
Chapter 33 - Planning your life for inevitable success


Chapter 34 - Your projects and your workflow
Chapter 35 - A portfolio of small bets (Bonus Chapter)
Chapter 36 - Web3 for creators (Bonus Chapter!)
Chapter 37 - Continuing your journey toward mastery
Chapter 38 - A special invitation for the 1%

The Craftsman Creative Book was conceived as a "write-in-public" project in the summer of 2021.

The goal is to publish a concise resource for solo creators who have been struggling to grow their businesses past the six-figure mark.

The book – which you can read as it's being written at the links above – has everything you need to improve your mindset, your systems, and your skills to become a successful, profitable creative business owner.

These are first drafts of chapters that will ultimately be edited into a final book, and the feedback from readers will inform the book along the way.

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