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Your Creative Projects

Your Creative Projects

At the beginning of this book I mentioned that I wasn't going to cover the process of doing creative work or creating projects.

The reason is two fold:

  1. The process is different for everyone.

You have to consider tempermant, personality, time of day, and so many other things, that writing that book or trying to prescribe a singular process was too big an undertaking for this book.

2. I'd already created a course on the topic.

Last year when I started Craftsman Creative, I hadn't yet learned the importance of building an audience first. I came out the gate with two of my own courses, the first one about doing creative work at a professional level.

It covers how to align your creative work with who you are as an artist and creator, how to do it at a professional level, and a proven framework for creative projects.

You can find it at craftsmancreative.co/courses/make-something, and if you use the code buddypass at checkout you get 10% off, since you already purchased this book!

I hope you enjoy the course, and can take what you've learned from this book to grow a truly great creative life and business.


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When I started writing this book, I turned to my wife and said, “regardless of how many books I sell, how many new subscribers I get, or how many people read the words I write, if nothing changes in their life then I’ll feel like I failed.” Yes, I actually