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A 90-minute workshop for those ready to take action and grow their creative businesses

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The fastest way to grow your business is to call the destination and ask for directions.

If Your Business Isn't Growing...

There are many reasons why creative business owners get stuck and struggle to grow:

Feeling Stuck and Unfulfilled in their Creative Endeavors

Many independent creators experience a lack of fulfillment and satisfaction in their work, as they are unable to break through barriers and achieve their desired level of success and recognition. This can lead to a diminished passion for their craft and a loss of motivation.

Ineffective Marketing Strategies

Traditional marketing techniques are outdated, costly, and fail to connect with target audiences, resulting in wasted resources and minimal return on investment.

Struggling to Scale and Expand Impact

Independent creators find it challenging to scale their businesses and expand their influence, preventing them from reaching their full potential and making a significant impact in their industry.

These pain points can result in financial setbacks, missed opportunities for growth and success, and a diminished sense of purpose and fulfillment in their creative endeavors. In our monthly workshops, we provide tailored solutions to help independent creators overcome their limiting beliefs, unlock their full potential, increase profits, and expand their impact in the marketplace.

For independent creators and business owners who want the creative autonomy to produce meaningful work through their massively profitable businesses.

The MOVIE Framework

In this 90-minute workshop you'll learn the MOVIE framework which has been used to create successful projects like books, events, and even feature films, as well as numerous six- and seven-figure creative businesses.


Shift your mindset from fear to faith, scarcity to abundance, and overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


Define your dream life and your dream business using the Four Freedoms.


Attract and engage your ideal customers through the Craftsman Content Flywheel.


Build the four core systems that every business needs to unlock growth and profit.


Find fulfillment in your craft and create the dream business that delivers the dream lifestyle you've been working so hard for.

What You'll Get From The Workshop:

✅ Tools to identify and overcome your limiting mindsets

✅ A clear map of where you are, why you're stuck, and directions to the destination

✅ A framework to create consistent sources of awareness, leads, and sales from your ideal customers and clients

✅ An expanded product & service ecosystem to unlock profit in your business

✅ Methods to expand the impact of your business

Presented By Daren Smith

Founder of Craftsman Creative

Independent film & TV producer, author, creative business strategist. Since 2020 he's worked with thousands of creators and dozens of creative businesses to implement the MOVIE framework and unlock massive growth, produced four seasons of the #1 rated TV show Relative Race, and is an award-winning producer of four feature films.

He's created three separate six-figure businesses since 2020 and works with independent creators and business owners through coaching and his membership, the Society of Independent Creators, to help others create BLOCKBUSTER businesses.

"Daren is a wealth of information and is always so generous with his wisdom! I have learned so much and am ready to transform my business with a newfound understanding. I feel empowered and ready to make the necessary changes."

Nina Veteto, @blueridgebotanic

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