Craftsman Creative Book

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Craftsman Creative Book

You're not making enough income from your creative work.

  • not enough sales
  • low-paying clients
  • your audience isn't growing
  • no systems for growth or optimization
  • scared to put out new and bigger projects
  • not enough time to create and do the "business stuff"
  • wondering if you need to find a job to cover the gap...

There's a solution to all of these problems. Frameworks and principles that help you turn your creative work into a successful creative business.

That's what this book, Craftsman Creative, is all about.

Build Your Creative Business

This book will help you shift from a part-time or five-figure creator to a six-figure creative business owner.

It covers the principles and frameworks used by successful creators in every area of your business:

  • Create an empowering mindset
  • Define a vision and goals for you and your business
  • Master your finances so that you're profitable and able to invest in your business
  • Learn a different approach to marketing that attracts more of the right people
  • Share your work and build in public to connect with an audience of true fans
  • Learn how to sell without feeling gross or "salesy"
  • Understand the system that is your business so that you can optimize and grow it

Wherever you are in your journey this book will help you get where you want to go by showing you where you are, where you're going, and how to get there.

You'll create the freedom you want in your life - financial freedom, control over your time, the ability to work anywhere you like, and to choose the partners, collaborators, and clients that see the value in the work that you do.

Get your copy of the book below, and choose from different packages that include community memberships and courses along with the book.

Get The Book

The book will be available on April 12, 2022!

Book Launch Limited Edition NFTs

Purchase two physical copies of Craftsman Creative - one to keep, one to give - and you'll be able to mint a First Edition NFT.
Just add two copies to your cart and we will send instructions after you complete your purchase.
There are only 1,000 NFTs available, and they are first-come, first-serve until they are gone.

A book is an amazing tool to share knowledge and information about a given topic or process.

But, often, people put the book down before they start to implement everything it teaches.

To overcome this, I've created courses and an online community for those who want the extra help building their successful business:

Book + Community

Join the Society of Independent Creators

Community Membership + Digital Book Package

“Just because you create on your own doesn’t mean you have to figure everything out on your own.” Josh Spector (@jspector)

The Society of Independent Creators is a place where you can connect with and learn along side other creators on the same path that you're on.

Membership includes:

  • Digital book package (pdf, epub, mobi, audiobook)
  • Annual membership to the Society of Independent Creators
  • $99 off any course on
  • Weekly private, members-only newsletter
  • Monthly meetups and training for creative business owners

Early Access memberships - $50*
Next 50 Memberships - $199/year
Next 100 Memberships - $299/year
Price increases by $100 every 100 members

Membership will be capped at 1,000 members.

Join today.

Craftsman Creative Course

Get the book plus a video course to help you build your creative business

Craftsman Creative Course + Digital Book Package

You read the book and understand the what, but are trying to get clarity on the how.

That's why I created two online courses - one over email, one live with a cohort of other creators just like you.

Email Course (Available April 12, 2022)


  • Digital book package (pdf, epub, audiobook)
  • Online email to supplement the book
  • Over 6 hours of video content
  • Access to a space for course students on the membership site

Live cohort option - May 2-28, 2022

Take the course with other students over Zoom two times per week, (times to be announced)

Limited to 50 students, includes lifetime access to the live class recordings, the pre-recorded video course, and digital copies of the book.

I'm excited about this live, cohort-based course for two reasons.

  1. It's the most direct way that I can help creators build their businesses, aside from coaching.
  2. There are two ways to enroll in the course, a "web2" option and a "web3" option

Here's what that means:

The web2 option is a typical enrollment. Visit the signup page, pay the enrollment fee, and you're in!

The web3 option, however, is a new option, thanks to a new company called Quoram.

Enrollment through Quoram grants access to the course, but also an NFT, a token that you own, meaning:

  • The token itself has value and utility
  • It grants you access to every cohort of the course, as long as you hold the token
  • It can be sold and resold to other students
  • A number of them have extra utility like coaching calls, inner-circle access, lifetime community access, and more.

There will be a limit of 50 NFTs minted (Quoram calls them NFS, for Non-Fungible Seats) with each cohort, and most of the rare ones will be released in the first cohort, to give the greatest upside to the earliest students.

To learn more about the NFT access to the cohort-based, Craftsman Creative course, use the button below.

*The course is the exact same course, the same schedule, the same material. You'll just have the added bonus that comes with a web3 enrollment using an NFT.

Craftsman Coaching & Consulting

Get strategies specific to your creative business to reach your goals even faster

Creator Strategy Calls

Book a 90-minute strategy call with Daren Smith, author of Craftsman Creative, where we will create a map of where you are, where you want to go, and the most direct way to get there.

Includes digital copies of the Craftsman Creative book.

Craftsman Creative Results Coaching

For those looking for more long-term coaching, you can book coaching with Daren Smith on a monthly or annual basis (2 months free).

We will work together through video calls and Basecamp, a project management tool, to help you reach your creative goals and finish creative projects over the coming months, as well as create a map for you and your business.

Craftsman Creative Business Consulting

Looking to take your business to seven figures, create new products, grow your audience, integrate web3 opportunities, or grow as a leader? Craftsman Creative Consulting is the answer.

Inquire by sending an email to to get started.