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Define Your Right-Fit Clients

Define Your Right-Fit Clients
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Alright, I promise we’ll get to the building chapters. Each of these “setup” chapters explain important ideas that you’ll need to understand in order to build the different systems in your business effectively, by understanding the inputs and the desired outputs.

It’s one thing to have leads coming in the door, but it’s another to have the right leads coming in the door.

I’ve seen many creators build audiences online up to 10,000, 100,000, even a million people, and then when they tried to sell that audience something - crickets.

The reason this happens is because they were attracting the wrong audience. We can avoid that outcome by ensuring that we’re attracting people who can someday become our right-fit clients.

I define a right-fit client or customer as someone who has these three qualities when they are presented with our offer(s):

  • Right person
  • Right offer
  • Right time

Right Person If you go back to your notes when we talked about the Five Freedoms Framework, you’ll want to look at who you want to work with. What type of people? Not just male/female, age demographics, etc, but looking at their desires as well. Who are they? What do they want? Are they the type of people you want to serve with your business?

Right Offer The right offer means that it resonates with the right people and they instantly recognize that it’s for them and can help them get something they care about.

What can happen, however, is you find someone who would be a perfect client, but you don’t have the right offer. They want something done for them (services) when all you offer are do-it-yourself products. One reason you’ll want to expand out your product ecosystem (discussed later) is so that you can meet more of the right people with the right offer.

For now, you’re looking to match the right people with the right offer, which we’ll discuss in the chapters on awareness and generating leads.

Right Time The right-fit client is someone who buys your offer when they’re presented it. It’s the right person and the right offer just when they need it - and are ready to spend the money to get the outcome you’re promising.

When you have all three in place, you have an RFC - a right-fit customer or client. When you can get your business in front of RFCs, it’s so much easier to grow, to get leads, to sign people up, to sell your products and services, to increase your prices, and even to hire and get investment because people in your industry will see people lining up to do business with you.

You’ll have more opportunities coming to you because you’ve aligned your business with the goal of finding and pulling RFCs into your world and showing them how you can get them the outcomes they care about in the way they want to achieve them.

Take Action

How do you identify your right-fit customers and clients? Look at the people you’ve served in the past - what common traits do they have? Remember to look at desires, not just demographics.

Which of your offers has been the easiest to sell? Which ones have the greatest leverage, or greatest profit?

Taking the time to understand your RFCs will benefit you as you go through the rest of this section on Visibility.

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