Blockbuster Strategy Calls

90-minute strategy call to get you the breakthrough you need in your business.
Blockbuster Strategy Calls
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Any good coaching starts with a strategy call to understand where you are and where you're going, and get you a quick win.

At Craftsman Creative we offer several strategy calls to help get you a breakthrough in one area of your business:

  • Mindset - identify your limiting beliefs, shift from scarcity to abundance, and align your business with the needs that drive you in your life.
  • Outcomes - Get clear on the outcomes in your life and business and create a definite plan for their achievement.
  • Visibility - increase your awareness online, get more leads consistently, create lead magnets for your business, and pull people into your business.
  • Systems - Build systems to put your outcomes on autopilot. Engage with your customers through email, expand your product ecosystem, improve your sales process, and increase profitability with each sale.
  • Impact - Expand your business, reach more customers, demographics, and markets, and free up your time as a business owner to work on your business rather than in the day-to-day.

We also offer film & video-specific sessions on producing, financing, development, and distribution.

Sign up for your strategy session below and let us know which area you'd like to focus on.

Blockbuster Strategy Call

90-minute video call to unlock growth and profit in your business, implement better systems, and align your business with your life goals.

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