The Craftsman System

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The Craftsman System
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Over the last two years, I've been consulting on the side when I'm not producing independent feature films. 

When I started, I quickly got frustrated, because consulting typically means you tell someone what to do, and then they are responsible for doing the thing.

My first client was a fast-growing YouTube channel and media company that needed their profit margins to catch up to their audience growth. I came in, took a look at the landscape, and identified the constraints in their business. 

But it was like pushing a boulder up a hill to get four owners aligned and taking action. While their business did grow and the systems did work, it wasn't something I wanted to repeat unless I could find a different way to get the outcomes.

A few months later in 2022, I had an opportunity to pitch another potential consulting client. We had done a strategy call so I knew his business and what his biggest constraints were, and knew that my consulting would help them double their revenue in the next year. 

I was excited to pitch them, but I knew that the CEO didn't have the time it would take to implement all of the systems he needed in his business. 

So, instead, I emailed him a different pitch. 

What if I came into your business for a few months and built it all for you?

An hour later he emailed me a simple response: "Where do I send the money?"

Through that client engagement and several others in 2023, along with the creation and stress-testing of the MOVIE framework, a new type of implementation consulting for my creative service business clients was born. 

It's the same work I'd been doing all along with Craftsman Creative, but rather than teaching people how to grow their businesses, I was coming in and building their businesses with (and for) them. 

And it's worked.

  • One client landed a new $4,000 project two days after we started working together from what he learned on the initial onboarding call
  • Another added a $100,000 retainer offer to their product ecosystem, then sold it out for the year
  • We uncovered a number of leads on a dormant email list and tagged those interested so we could follow up with them on the products and services the business offers. 500 leads to be exact.
  • Every client gets an entirely new lead generation system that brings in potential clients on autopilot each week
  • And the client I'm working with now stands to 3x her business this year as we build a new website, a new email system, a content strategy to attract new business, and restructure her services to be more profitable. 

That's just a taste of what the System does. 

The system is now out of the testing phase, and officially part of my services at Craftsman Creative.

I've taken the principles, systems, and frameworks that have helped me over the last five years build three profitable businesses, help others double their business, and build four million-dollar film projects, bundled them into the MOVIE framework, and now I can come into your business to help you get the same results. 

Sounds pretty good, I know. But I'll do you one better. 

Because of the results of my past clients, I now guarantee that you'll unlock at least $150k in revenue for your business in the next 90 days, or your money back.

"What does that mean?"

Over the next two months, Craftsman Creative will come into your business and build out systems that will grow your business:

  1. Your Awareness system - whether it's content, ads, outreach, or otherwise, we'll help you get more visibility for your business that brings more visitors to your site and people interested in what you do
  2. Your Lead Generation system - everything in your business is downstream from leads. We'll help you get leads on autopilot so you have more than you need coming into your business every single week.
  3. Your Engagement system - 85% of customers purchase after the first 90 days. We'll build out an email system that engages your leads for longer, and creates the kind of tension that helps them come to you pre-sold.
  4. Your Product Ecosystem - products don't make money, product ecosystems make money. When you expand your product offering, you create both more profit and more leverage. We help you expand and then sell more of your products and services.

These are the "four core systems" every business needs, and you get all of them and more for just $15,000. That means we're guaranteeing we'll unlock at least a 10x return or your money back. 

Each month I'm hosting a free workshop for business owners doing at least six figures a year in revenue. We'll cover the four core systems in detail so you can see what we will build for your business if you enroll in the Craftsman System.

If you want to "skip the line" and talk to us about bringing the System into your business, you can schedule a call with me here:

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We only take on two clients per month, so if you want to add six figures to your business this year, schedule a call with us ASAP.

I'm excited to work with so many amazing creative business owners this year through the Craftsman System.

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