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The One-Person, Six-Figure Creative Business

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The One-Person, Six-Figure Creative Business

As I have been rewriting the book over the last two months, this addition to one of the early chapters felt important to share publicly.

There's a simple process to becoming a six-figure creative business owner:

In this book I’m going to show you how to build a one-person, six figure,  creative business.

And since, statistically, most people don’t read every book all the way to the end, I want to lay it all out for you right here at the start. Here’s everything you need to do to get that outcome:

Find and connect with an audience of people

Create a profitable, no-brainer offer

Manually put that offer in front of your audience

Manually sell that offer to a few people in that audience

Automate putting the offer in front of your audience

Automate selling it to your audience

Optimize both to sell more

Optimize the whole system for the amount of money, time, effort, and freedom you desire.

I was reading a course I purchased years ago, and a phrase stood out that helped click the whole opening of the book into place:

Prospective customers want to know that it's possible for them to get the outcome that your product or service promises, but more importantly that it's possible for them.

This is an idea we can all be better at. Showing our readers, our followers, our potential clients and customers that it's possible to have the life that they want, but more importantly that it's possible for them.

That idea is going to be a guiding light for me this year, especially over the coming months as I finish up the book and market it to anyone that feels that they want the outcome of the book - a one person, six-figure creative business.

So I start here, with the above summary, in the intro of the book. You don't have to read hundreds of pages or take a course or get coaching.

You only have to show up every day and make a little bit of progress. The books and courses and coaching simply help to direct you and clarify and simplify.

You likely have all of the info you need to succeed. At this point it's about taking action, and knowing the right next step.