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Book - Craftsman Creative Blog
The Craftsman Creative book is a write-in-public project created in 2021. Pulling from the best creators, with help and feedback from the audience it is written for, the book will be published to help five-figure creators see a clear path to building a six-figure creative business.
Finance - Craftsman Creative Blog
Mastering your finances is essential to becoming a six-figure business. These posts will help you understand how to budget, create profit margin, and build a more financially resilient creative business.
Leverage - Craftsman Creative Blog
The final step in going from a solo creator to a business owner - or Craftsman Creative - is to understand and use leverage to grow your business. This means leveraging the capital, labor, and time of others so that you can focus on the things you need to in your business.
Marketing - Craftsman Creative Blog
To grow your business you need to know how to get awareness from the right group(s) of people that can become happy customers and clients. Marketing is how you tell your story, and attract and engage those potential customers.
Mindset - Craftsman Creative Blog
Master your mindset with these posts. Mindset is the foundational skill to master on your way to building a six-figure creative business.
Systems and Frameworks - Craftsman Creative Blog
The key to getting unstuck from your current revenue is to use systems and frameworks that automate parts of your business and allow you to do more. These posts will help you learn and implement the essential frameworks and systems thinking in your creative business.
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We help five-figure creators build six-figure businesses through content and courses.