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Alright, we’re now getting into the action steps of this MOVIE framework. You’ve done the work to identify your limiting mindsets, create ways to show up with Faith rather than Fear every day, and you’ve defined the outcome both for you and for your right-fit clients.

Now we need to take a practical look at how to get those right fit clients to line up to do business with you.

In this section of the book, we’ll begin building the core systems that every business needs in order to a) be a real business, and b) become profitable and resilient.

So that this and later sections don’t overwhelm you, I want you to think about which area of your business is lacking the most or is non-existent. As we talk about the different systems, you’ll be able to sense which one you need to focus on first, but if you need extra help, you can take my free scorecard at scorecard.craftsmancreative.co and it will help you identify which area to focus on first.

Build each system one at a time. Don’t try and do them all at once, that will diffuse your effort and delay your results.

I’ve worked with businesses that doubled their business just by building one of these systems. Realistically, you can 10x your business once you’ve got them all built out, but you have to do them one at a time and get each system to deliver consistent results before you start building the next one.

With that, let’s dive into the next part of the framework: Visibility.

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