Thank you for attending my BLOCKBUSTER workshop at the 2024 Zions Indie Film Festival!

Below are a few freebies, as well as ways you can start to implement the things you learned during the workshop so that you can grow you own profitable creative business.

Take the free Scorecard

I built a free scorecard you can take to see exactly where you are in the process of building your own blockbuster business. You'll see where to put your focus to get the fastest results

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We help independent creators build blockbuster businesses

Read my book for free

My next book, Blockbuster - How independent creators can build massively profitable businesses, will be out later this year, but you can read the first draft here on the site.

Blockbuster - How Independent Creators Can Build Massively Profitable Businesses
📖UPDATES 12/31/23 - The book is done! On to editing! 2/20/24 - All chapters are now available here on the blog. If you’d like to be a beta reader for the book and give feedback, email me. This book is being “written in public”, which means

Join us in the Society of Independent Creators

The Society is my membership community full of independent creators building their blockbuster businesses. We have monthly workshops, group coaching calls, weekly accountability check-ins, and an online community with access to the entire vault of past workshops, courses, and calls that you get instant access to.

Join us today:

The Society Of Independent Creators
Independent doesn’t mean alone - it simply means not dependent on anyone else for the outcomes you want in your life and business. The Society of Independent Creators is a membership and community to support you in designing and building your dream business, what we call a “Blockbuster” business -

Producer Fund I

For accredited investors, join us in Producer Fund I - a $10m fund to produce five independent feature films in the next two years.