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One Audience, One Channel, One Offer

One Audience, One Channel, One Offer
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Alright, if you need to take a break after that last chapter, take some deep breaths. This chapter will help you go from being overwhelmed to seeing the opportunity in front of you.

I have a mentor of sorts who shared one of the most impactful pieces of advice with me earlier this year. Shawn Twing is an internet marketer with over 20 years of experience and has managed over $100m in ad spend during that time. He partnered with one of my marketing heroes, André Chaperon when he joined Tiny Little Businesses, which is now called the Modern Marketing System.

In their community I was bemoaning the daily slog of trying to be on multiple social media platforms, posting every day, and not seeing many results. His reply led to the Craftsman Content Framework you just read about:

“There are hundreds of examples of million-dollar businesses built off of one audience, one channel, and one offer.”

That stopped me in my tracks. I was forced to rethink my approach, because my “spray and pray”, hope marketing methods were not working, and they weren’t generating $1m per year for my business.

What Shawn showed me is the power of everything we’ve discussed so far. When you have the right offer, paired with the right-fit clients, and you focus your efforts on one channel, the impact of that can be massive.

So, rather than thinking you need to go and create half a dozen social media accounts, you can focus on just one channel. Rather than trying to reach everyone, you can niche down and focus your content on helping one ideal customer persona: your RFC. You can test and optimize your offer like we talked about in the offer chapter and the framework chapter.

The goal is not to master every social media platform. It’s to determine which channel delivers a consistent source of awareness, prospects, and leads. You may pick two or three platforms to start, but you’ll quickly see that one of them overperforms compared to the other two. Put those two on pause and triple down on the one platform that’s working.

How long? Until your business is doing $1m is a good answer.

Just yesterday I was on a call with my friend Daniel Priestley (yes, the Oversubscribed guy) and he shared his strategy for Clubhouse that he and some friends used during the pandemic (and then repeated in 2023 on LinkedIn). He, like all of us, started with zero followers. He got together with a group of friends and started a “squad” that would promote each other every day - they’d hop into each other’s streams, talk about each other, and participate on the platform together. In less than 12 months, each of them had grown an audience of over 100,000 - over 1 million total - he launched ScoreApp and found his initial 1,000 customers. That single channel, audience, and offer combo led to them building a $20m business in less than 3 years.

One audience, one channel, one offer. That’s all it takes to have a seven-figure business.

How do you react to that statement? Are you dubious? Doubtful? Skeptical? Or does it give you a feeling of optimism, possibility, and opportunity? There’s nothing inherent in that statement - your mindset is what gives it a positive or negative meaning. Sit with that statement for a minute, and see if you can turn it into fuel for your content framework. There’s a million dollars or more waiting for you if you can discover the right combo of audience + channel + offer to achieve that outcome in your business.


If you are already on multiple social media platforms, dig into the analytics to see which one has the most engaged audience of your RFCs. If you don’t currently have a personal profile on that platform, start one and shift your efforts to your personal account rather than the business. Statistics prove that people follow people much more than they follow businesses.

Take the next 6-12 months to double or triple down on one single channel, one audience, and one offer, and watch your business grow from that extra focus and effort.

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Engage Your Leads For Longer
Before we head to the next section we need to ensure that you get the power of engaging your leads for longer. Again, you can 5x your business just by applying this principle, because 85% of customers buy after the first 90 days. The first way you do this is


The Craftsman Content Framework
We’ve made it! I hope you’ve done the work in the previous chapters to understand your offer as well as the principles that precede this content framework. I’m making the broad assumption that you’ll use content as your main source of marketing. There are other forms,