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Part 1 - Mindset

Part 1 - Mindset
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"Success is 80% mindset, only 20% strategy and skills."
~Tony Robbins

I’ve repeated that maxim more than any other as I’ve worked with creatives and business owners.

Most of you reading this want to get to “the good stuff” as quickly as possible - the systems, the increased profits, more leads, more sales, and more fulfillment.

I’m telling you now and I guarantee I’ll tell you again - none of those things are possible if you don’t have the mindset piece in place.

That’s why we start here. Why it’s the first step in the MOVIE framework. Why Tony and others will tell you that success is 80% mindset.

In this section I’ll outline a few key mindset shifts you can make to get the most out of this framework and build your Blockbuster business. But let’s start with what mindset is, what it isn’t, and why it matters.

The common thinking is that if you find the right strategy, increase your output, or improve your skills and credentials, the doors will magically open. Yet, there are countless examples of people who started much later than you, grew much faster than you, and are more successful than you, despite your skills and effort.

So, what gives?

They had a different mindset.

Your mindset is your beliefs, your values, your desires, your needs, and your approach to the work that you do, all wrapped up into a ball and unique to you.

What you believe about your industry, the market, your clients, and your competitors affect the way you approach your work. If you have the mindset that everything is out to get you, that it’s a bad time, and that the market is bad for whatever you’re trying to do, it limits your potential and the intensity with which you go after your goals and outcomes.

Your values determine your actions. If you value alone time, you’ll get up early. If you value fairness and equity, you’ll pay your team well, treat them better, and give them ownership of the things they create. If you value growth at all costs, you’ll make decisions that help you grow, even at the risk of having a resilient, sustainable business.

There are three mindset shifts I want you to think about now: faith, resourcefulness, and resilience.

Faith is a belief coupled with action, meaning you believe that an action will lead to a desired result. Beliefs on their own rarely lead to tangible outcomes without action - you need both.

Resourcefulness is the mindset that you’ll figure it out. If you’ve seen others accomplish the thing you want, that shows there’s a way. Maybe they did have more money, resources, time, connections, or experience than you. But who cares! You know the outcome is possible, and it’s up to you to figure out how to get it done with the resources you have.

Resilience is staying in the game long enough for your faith and resourcefulness to pay off. It took 12 years for me to produce my first feature film, and we had tried half a dozen times before that. I attribute much of the reason that I was hired for that position to resilience - not giving up on my dream before it happened.

I’ll write more about these mindsets in the next three chapters, but I want to plant those ideas in your mind now as we dive into other ways that mindset leads to success in your life and business.

Then we’ll look at some of the ways the mindset of others has impacted me - and likely you - in unique ways, and how to embody this mindset as a leader.

If you’ve been working your butt off for years and are stuck, unable to grow and progress, you don’t need a better system, you need a better mindset.

Take Action:

Here are some things you can do now to start working on your mindset:

  1. Start by shifting one of these beliefs. Do you wish you had more faith? Were more resourceful? More resilient? Start there, and pay attention to that chapter in this section of the book.
  2. Take action. A different action, a bigger action. Commit to it, and do it consistently for as long as it takes to become your new mindset.
  3. Turn off negative reinforcers. If you follow lots of people who talk about their “wins” all the time and that is a source of discouragement rather than inspiration, turn it off. Go on a social media break for a month. Use that time to take more action that gets the results you want, to build a new habit, and to show up consistently. You need to protect your mindset as much as you need to work on improving it.

Strategy is only 20% of the equation. Mindset is the other 80%, so we have to shift your mindset from a limiting one to an empowering one. One of impatience to patience. Lack of resources to resourcefulness. Fear to faith. Inaction to action.

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