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The Importance of Faith

The Importance of Faith
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”Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true.” ~Alma

I’d read that quote a few times if you’ve never heard or read it before.

We’re talking about faith because it’s the most important mindset shift you can make to have the most impact on your growth, your contribution, your profit, your business.

It’s not bad for you as a leader, a partner, a spouse, or a parent, either.

As I sat down to write this chapter this morning, I had nothing. I knew what I wanted to say, but I didn’t yet have the words or a framework to convey those ideas.

But I opened the document, typed Faith at the top of the page, and then let it sit.

How fitting...

With only a few minutes before my scheduled coaching call, I just sat with the idea. I thought about you, the reader. I thought about where you are, what you want in this moment, and then my phone rang.

We talked about the typical business things, and then, for “some unknown reason”, we talked about this being a moment to cut off the old habit and commit to new ones. In this case, I need and want to let go of the old habit of getting distracted by too many projects and thinking of it as progress.

“Action does not always equal results”. I wrote that one down so I would remember it later.

We needed to work out the new habit that was going to replace it. Words like “intellectual” action, “intentional” action, and “focused” action surfaced.

I saw the makings of a framework, one that could spell FAITH, if we could find a T and an H...

The new habit that I’m taking on, and now share with you, is to act in faith as you go through this book, and as you build out the different systems.

Focused Action

Focused action meaning you’re focused on the results that matter. We’ll help you define your outcomes in the next section, but for now it’s about not getting distracted. What are the big goals you have for this year? What project deserves your focus right now?

Take action on one thing at a time until it’s finished, rather than spreading your focus across multiple projects. You’ll make more progress faster, and your effort will go much further.

Aligned Action

This is about aligning your actions with your big outcomes, but also with the values that drive you. Are you motivated by service? Growth? Connection? Variety? Certainty? Whatever drives you is how you can align yourself to not only make the most progress but get the most fulfillment.

As an example, there were years of my life where I was driven by fame and fortune. I wanted to be recognized, to be picked, to have the outcomes I saw other people achieving - financial freedom, awards and accolades, and a successful career.

It wasn’t until I stopped pursuing my goals for the sake of fame and fortune and instead aligned my work with my values of contribution and growth that everything changed. I started producing feature films. I created three new businesses. I made more money than I ever had, and the opportunities are seemingly endless.

Alignment is essential to ensuring your action gets you more of what you really want, not just what other people have.

Intentional Action

Intention comes from planning. It’s hard to be intentional when you’re in a reactionary mode, so it’s about planning out your year, your quarters, your months, your weeks, and then your days. You go into each day knowing what you’re going to accomplish, what matters most, what gets your time and attention for that day.

It’s just as much about what you say no to. If scrolling social media, binging shows, or sleeping in doesn’t help you show up as your best self, then save them for later. These activities aren’t inherently bad, but they can distract you from accomplishing the things you want to accomplish.

Intentional action means you expect things to be the way you hope in the future. There’s a direct link between the action you take today and the way you want the world to live in tomorrow.

Thoughtful Action

“Your boys are so thoughtful!” I love (love love) hearing this about my three dudes. When someone says this, it’s because one of them has done something for someone else, with someone else’s needs in mind.

Just the other day my oldest walked over to an elderly woman in a grocery store parking lot and asked if he could take her cart back for her. She replied, “oh my, that is so thoughtful!”. My boy was smiling ear to ear the entire car ride home.

Thoughtful in this context means thinking of others. When you take action, are you only doing it for yourself? Or are you thinking of your partners, your investors, your clients, your customers, and your audience?

The more you can think of where they are in their lives, where they’re trying to get to, and how you can help them get there, the more impact your actions will have.

Hungry Action

“We’re not hungry bc we don’t have enough, we’re hungry for more”. Credit to my coach Elizabeth for this one, and for helping me create this FAITH framework today.

This isn’t a needy hunger, it’s a hunger akin to desire, eagerness, and excitement. It’s the way we go after things that we really want because we know what it tastes like when we get it.

There’s a difference between those that pursue their goals with minimal effort and those that are hungry. This isn’t about glorifying things like hustle culture. I’m not advocating burnout, 80-hour weeks, or anything like that. I’m talking about going after it with intensity when you are taking action, whether that’s for 20 minutes a day making phone calls, or the way you show up and engage with prospects, or how you deliver with your customers and clients.

To act in faith isn’t to have a perfect knowledge. It’s to act anyway in this way, with Focus, Alignment, Intention, Thoughtfulness, and Hunger. This is a massive shift in mindset that puts the control of your future in your hands, where it belongs.

Think about someone you admire, someone who has achieved the things you want to achieve. Do they embody this mindset of faith? Have they matched their big vision, or belief, with the requisite amount of action? You bet.

Faith is also important because it’s the antidote to impostor syndrome - that little fear that prevents you from taking action. Any time you’ve told yourself “I can’t because...”, that’s impostor syndrome. Maybe you said no to an opportunity, or chose not to try your hand at something new because of the fear of what people would think.

Fear and faith cannot exist at the same time. Acting in FAITH gives you a bias to action, focuses your attention on what’s possible rather than the potential downsides creates momentum and accomplishment. This is how you conquer your fear and start to make progress.

Take Action:

Take 20 minutes and free write on how you can act in FAITH. What does focus, alignment, intention, thoughtfulness, and hunger look like for you. What will you do differently with this new mindset? What will you accomplish because you acted in FAITH?

Then, put reminders to act in FAITH around your workspace and your home to build this new habit.

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