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Your Job As A Creative Entrepreneur

BCC Newsletter | Issue 077
Your Job As A Creative Entrepreneur
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Episode 5 of The 10k Creator is out now! You can watch or listen to the episode here.

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Through this process of doing the 10k Creator show with my friend Joe Pulizzi, I've had a number of breakthroughs.

Recently, the breakthrough has been a mindset shift, specifically around how creative or content entrepreneurs run their businesses.

Most creators think that their job is to do the work - to write the newsletter, record the podcast, film weekly YouTube videos, or service their clients.

Yes, while that is correct, Joe says it should only represent around 20% of the work you do.


Yes, I reacted similarly. While I vaguely understood the concept and have been doing a lot to put this principle into practice, here are three business activities creative entrepreneurs need to think about each and every week.

  • Finding predictable sources of audience and revenue
  • Creating systems to help you grow
  • Saying no!

Successful business owners know how to "read the dials"

Predictable Sources of Audience and Revenue

Too many creators - my past self included - focus too much on the so-called "if you build it they will come", or Field of Dreams approach to creative work.

It looks like this:

  • Post 7 times a day on Instagram
  • Consistently publish your youtube show or blog
  • improve your headlines or your titles
  • work more/hustle harder

We think that the answer to growth as an artist is to do more art.

Instead, as mentioned before, the "art" or "craft" of your business - writing, videos, podcasts, art, design, etc - should only be 20% of your work.

Your creative business needs two things, an audience and revenue.

Your job as the owner of that business is to find predictable sources of that audience and revenue!

What that means is that you're spending time testing different audience acquisition strategies.

Ads, sponsorships, affiliates, guest blogging or podcasts, collaborations & partnerships, and more.

Do you know where your next 100 subscribers are going to come from?

If your answer is "no" or "the algorithm", then you need to rethink your strategy and create a better system.

The same goes for revenue. How do people become customers? What does that process look like in your business? What do you want it to look like?

You need to understand the system that is your business better than anyone else, remove the constraints, and have a steady flow of new customers (revenue) and audience members so that your business can grow.

Saying "No!"

Derek Sivers coined an incredible phrase when making a decision, "it's either a Hell Yeah! or it's a No"

When you approach your business like a Craftsman, you think of the outcome you want to achieve first. Then, part of your job as the business owner is to say no to everything that won't help you get that outcome!

For example, I recently worked with a consulting client who wants to ultimately be creating documentaries and narrative TV content.

However, they keep saying Yes to the client work they've been doing for years, so they have no time to spend on new concepts, raising money, or getting these projects off the ground.

They're stuck, because they can't say No.

Now, they still have to pay the bills, right? Yes, of course. But they simultaneously have to carve out time to start saying Yes to the future they want, rather than hoping that it somehow magically appears.

The way to get that future is to say No to the things that won't help them achieve it.

As you look at your own business, what responsibilities are not getting any or enough of your time as the business owner? What systems can you create that will help your business grow? What do you need to start saying No to so that you can create the future you want for yourself and your business?

PS - Craftsman Creative is "choose your own adventure", so there are a few paths you can take from here depending on how quickly you want results:

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Loved this breakdown on Twitter of how Jack Abraham looks at investing in and building new businesses.

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October 25th 2022

The 12-Hour Walk was brought to my attention by Paul Millerd, and looks like something I want to try in the near future.

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