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How Creative Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business

BCC Newsletter | Issue 076
How Creative Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business
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Episode 4 of The 10k Creator is out now! You can watch or listen to the episode here.

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The last few weeks of doing the 10k Creator podcast have truly shown me the power of projects.

I definitely "think in projects" as a creator. I try to do one a quarter (and then sometimes forget to limit to just one and end up with 3 or 4...)

Too many creators get their "base" taken care of, but then never think about projects as an opportunity. They get into a groove creating weekly youtube content, or a newsletter, or get a weekly gig at a coffee shop... and then they never add anything on top of that awesome base they've built.

This leads them to feeling stuck, like it's impossible to grow.

Not true. You just need to add projects to the mix.

Today, since there are over 100 new subscribers to this newsletter (!!!) in the last few weeks, I want to share a few important lessons around projects to help you get started.

Creative Entrepreners or Creator?

Projects require you to think differently as a creator. You can't simply relax into your natural mindset, you actually need to hop between three different mindsets in order to succeed as a creative entrepreneur - another term for any artist or creator who wants to build a successful business.

When you start thinking like a manager and an entrepreneur, you realize that the responsibility for growth, profitability, marketing, finances, sales, etc all falls on you.

Whether this is empowering or whether it's daunting depends on your mindset.

Time Box Your Projects

When taking on a new project or setting any new goal for your business, I like to set a time limit of 90 days. This helps you make constant, daily progress without getting burnt out, and is short enough to where you can see the finish line and work backwards from there to where you are right now.

Make Progress Every Day

Then it's about making that daily progress using whatever method comes easiest to you. Some use "GTD", others use "RPM", but whatever method works for your brain and whatever helps you accomplish your tasks and your bigger goals, use that.

The links above should give you a nice overview of the "Craftsman Creative Approach" (not ™, yet) to creative work. Focus on your mindset, then think about what you want to accomplish, pick a project that can help you achieve it, and then work backwards from that "finished project" to decide what to do today.

If you want to dive in deeper, check out my book which you can read for free here.


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