• Daren Smith

    Daren Smith

    Founder of Craftsman Creative Coaching

    I get so much fulfillment from helping creatives get more clarity and drive in their creative lives. I built Craftsman Creative to serve you and to reach as many people as possible.

    My background is in music and film. I played the saxophone growing up and ended up playing in and even forming different music groups and jazz combos.

    I attended Brigham Young University on a saxophone scholarship but ended up studying sound recording technology with an emphasis in film. I did live sound while attending university, and did that for more than 10 years, running sound for local Provo venues and touring with groups like Neon Trees, The Moth & The Flame, and Imagine Dragons.

    I got into sound for film while attending BYU and started my own sound company in 2006, which morphed into a production company with a business partner in 2009. I became a producer and writer and worked on numerous film productions, TV shows, documentaries and commercial projects.

    In 2017 I left that company to work on my own freelance producing, wrote a book and started coaching, and in 2019 started working on Craftsman Creative.

    I'm a student of Robbins Madanes Training to become a certified coach for creatives and individuals.